Start Sweeping!

You can only clean up your own path, and let love in. Sometimes someone will stumble across the winding road you’re on, or maybe you’ll invite them to walk with you, and they’ll shatter the glass of their fear or their rage or their pain all over the place and you will cut yourself and bleed. You may need to sit down and cry for awhile. Awhile may be days or weeks or months, and in some cases, years. If you chose to be in a situation that made you bleed for a long time, then you’re going to need to look at the story of your participation, not the story of all the things the other person did or did not do. That’s their story and their path to examine and clean up. Or not.

If it’s life or loss that’s shattered that glass along your way, please have a good deal of compassion for yourself. Take your time, find your way slowly. Just know that at a certain point, you’ll have to get up, do what you can to heal your own wounds and keep walking.  Hopefully there will be a hand to hold. If not, you are never alone. You may feel that you are, but if you tune in to it, you will feel the energy of so many people walking their own paths, trying to heal and return to their natural state of love and joy and curiosity. There are certain losses that cut so deep, you are likely to have a shard of glass in your heart forever. Even so, you can still acknowledge that pain, and let love in.

Blame and shame walk hand in hand. Pointing the finger at people or circumstances to explain or justify your own inability to open to love will not get you anywhere except a dark ditch on the side of the road. Shaming yourself for your participation in a blood-letting for your heart will only lead to more pain and confusion. We are all human. We all have a journey to take. It’s not always going to be pretty. There are no wrong turns in the road, there are just many opportunities to learn more about yourself. The better you know yourself, the more likely you are to find your purpose and be at peace. And the more accountable you’ll be for the energy you’re spreading, the way you’re showing up in life, the way you take care of the hearts of others.

Some people don’t enjoy the path, or they only want the part that’s smooth and full of sunlight. Don’t be afraid of the dark, wet, slippery slopes and falling rock zones. Hail pelting the top of your head. Those are the places where you strengthen and stretch yourself, where you learn to trust yourself, where you begin to understand what you’re made of. Once you realize you’re made of love, it’s not so much about letting it in, as it is about shining it out all over the place.  I hope you do. Sending you a ton of love right now, Ally.

One thought on “Start Sweeping!”

  1. Holy smokes, so so beautiful and true! As for me, lots of glass still there, and I don’t enjoy the path. But I’m taking the high, craggly slippery slope, if for no other reason that to put my hand out to those who are out there with me. Walk in love brothers and sisters.

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