Are You In Love, or Are You in Fear?

Knowing yourself well is your work. Wrapping your mind around life’s big questions and discovering what is true for you, what feels right for you, is not work you can skip or avoid if you want to be at peace. It’s the key to your freedom. Because if you truly know yourself, you’ll understand what lights you up. You’ll discover your purpose. You’ll know what you believe. You’ll be accountable for the energy you’re spreading wherever you go. You’ll be making choices that are in alignment with your inner knowing, with your highest self, with your biggest Yes.

When you’re on the path of seeking, you’re in love. You’re curious and growing and open and trusting, even when things get dark and lonely and cold. You’re in acceptance. You can be in love and in pain at the same time.

Being in fear is the other option. When we’re in fear we think we aren’t enough. We don’t have enough. Other people are stealing our spot. Fear travels with envy and resentment and anger. Fear uses words like “can’t” and “shouldn’t”. Fear sees an obstacle and thinks of all the things that could go wrong, all the reasons why not.

Love looks at a situation and says, “How can I help?”. It sees an obstacle and realizes it’s a chance for growth. Love embraces and celebrates everyone. It uses words like, “Inspire” and “trust”.

Fear manipulates and shames and crushes. Love accepts and honors and lifts us up. Love and fear travel on two separate tracks, moving in two opposite directions, passing through much different scenery. The questions you ask in this life will depend upon the track you choose. The answers to your questions, regardless of the track, will shape and define your life. If you’re on the fear track, you really need to get off at the next station. And figure out how to walk your way back to the station where you began your journey. You might have to walk in the dark, alone and cold. You might have to walk through pain and tears. But you need to do whatever it takes to get on that love train. You really don’t want to end up where the fear train will take you.

Love and respect yourself enough to realize what you know. The answers are always inside. You may need to dig deep to find them, but they are there. Feed a loving voice and it will strengthen and grow and lead you right to the doorstep of your best life. Your happiest you. Your biggest most open heart. Your ability to shine the way you’re meant to. Fear will send you in circles of pain and darkness with a side of rage and loneliness. The choice is so totally obvious. I’m sending you a huge hit of love, and a gentle push if you need one.

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