Live Out Loud

The-tragedy-of-life-isI think possibly the saddest thing in life is never to live; to allow years to pass without pursuing those things that feed your soul and light you up from the inside until you’re shining and blazing like the sun. There’s really no time to waste. If you put off living until tomorrow, or next week, or wait for that magical time “when things calm down” you run the risk of never getting it done, because tomorrow is not promised. And, in all likelihood, things are not going to calm down. You may have times that are more peaceful than others, but life comes in waves. Every day is an opportunity to move toward healing if you need to, or to spread some love and some light wherever you go. It’s a chance to sing your song, loudly and with abandon, even if you are way off-key. To take a chance on yourself, or someone else, to go for it, all the way, without leaving a single ounce in the tank.

Your life may look nothing like what you expected or planned for, but embrace it and own it, and shake off or face down anything that is blocking your access to that insanely limitless well of love within you. Be honest with yourself, and with everyone in your life. It’s so much simpler that way. Accept and embrace what is true for you so you can be free. When you look back on your life, I hope you’ve lived it in such a way that you smile when you think about it. That you chuckle, and shake your head, and your eyes twinkle. That you’ve spent yourself, and every gift you’ve been given, that you’ve sucked the joy out of every moment, that you’ve taken in as many sunrises and sunsets as possible. That you’ve hugged a lot. That you’ve conquered your fears and lived out loud, all the way, from your gorgeous heart. I hope you’ve said, “I love you” and, “Thank you” a million times.

The 37 trillion or so cells that are you have never and will never come together in exactly the same way again. You’re precious and miraculous and important. You are not an accident. Don’t dim your light or smother your gifts or doubt your worth. Prick up the ears of your soul every time the voice or voices inside your head say you can’t or you shouldn’t. The voice to listen for is the quiet but always truthful voice of your heart. Your inner GPS. Follow that and you will love your life. You will start to see miracles all around you, every day, in the beautiful, shimmering greens you’ll see when the sun hits the leaves of a tree whose branches are swaying in the wind. When you hear the unguarded laugh of a child. When a stranger smiles at you and you can see their heart through the light in their eyes. Don’t miss a second. Sending you love, Ally Hamilton

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