Go Straight at It!

I-believe-half-of-theFear is the steely cold vise grip around the mind that bellows, or sometimes whispers the words “can’t” and “shouldn’t.” Fear will stop you in your tracks if you let it, and fill you with doubt, insecurity and shame, and all the reasons why not, until you literally cannot move. Nothing will crush your soul and dim your light like being in the grip of fear.

If you want to feel fulfilled, if you want to find your purpose here, you’re going to have to feel your fear and move forward, anyway. You’re never going to be able to shine as brightly as you could if you allow yourself to stay stuck in an environment that’s crushing you. If you’re trying to make a shift, it’s almost guaranteed fear will show up to play. Because even when we’re moving in a positive direction, if that’s an unfamiliar course of action the system is going to feel stressed. You’re trying to re-format your hard drive, and there’s going to be resistance. Coping mechanisms are habits, or ways of being we develop to face the challenging aspects of life, or ourselves (or frequently a combination of both). If you want to follow your heart, and I hope you do, you’re going to need to ditch those crutches so you can run straight at the thing, you know? Because the idea is to be living every day you’re alive, but so many people end up numbing out and sleepwalking instead because the fear overpowers them. Convinces them they’re not enough. You are more than enough and you have an incredible amount of light within you. You are not here to dim it or repress it or sacrifice it for any reason. You know this intuitively, because it’s the truth.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations we could never have planned for, that feel so complicated. This can happen in the personal or professional realm. And the mind starts working over-time, trying to problem solve, or manipulate the situation, or control its outcome. You already have the answers in your heart, even if fear is making it hard for you to hear them. The voice of your intuition is quiet but always truthful. The mind screams back with all of its ideas and judgments, worries and obsessions. Get quiet and accept what’s true for you, and then go straight at the thing and don’t let anything stop you. Certainly not fear. It’s just a feeling, after all, it’s not going to do you in!! Sending you love and strength, Ally Hamilton

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