Swing That Bat

Youve-got-to-get-to-theI think the main thing at the end of the day (and the beginning and middle…and during the night, too), is to feel good about yourself, to feel comfortable in your own skin, to know and accept yourself, to recognize what’s true for you and what you need to be at peace. To discover what lights you up, to uncover your gifts so you can share them, and to feel like you aren’t leaving anything in the tank.

So many times people get caught up in what is or isn’t happening. The result, the goal, the objective, the deadline, the five-year plan. But I think the truth is, sometimes you’ll go for it and land smack on your face, and sometimes you’ll hit it out of the park. Landing on your face doesn’t feel good, but you know what feels worse? Letting the idea of “can’t” or “shouldn’t” stop you from trying. Telling yourself you probably won’t score, so why swing the bat? I’d rather fall on my face a million times than sit on the bench with fear.

Not everything will work out. You may strike out nine hundred times. But at least you can look at yourself at the end of the day and say, “I gave it everything I had today. I’ll try again tomorrow.” I really believe if you have that attitude and you also remember to focus on what you do have, if you don’t give up on yourself or on life, you’re going to win something no one can take from you. Your fire. In life, it’s the Sportsmanship Award that counts the most. Go get it.

Ally Hamilton

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