Ally’s First Book!

OpenRandomlyFINAL1-2Happy Holidays to all you wonderful blog readers. I want to thank you for all of your continued support and enthusiasm. When I started this blog five years ago, I had no idea it would take on a life of its own, and become such a huge part of what lights me up every day. Your participation, insight, honesty, and willingness to dive into painful and uncomfortable topics in the service of healing and opening and living life to its most wonderful wonderfulness is inspiring and motivating and gratifying. So, thank you!!!

I know many of you are not on Facebook, and it suddenly occurred to me you might not know I’d published my first book 🙂 I am no salesman, and feel a certain “yuckiness” around self-promotion, but I do want to help this little book make its way out into the world, because it reflects such a huge part of my heart, and also of this experience I’ve had with you all over the last five years. The response to the book has been beautiful and overwhelming, and I’m very grateful.

Here is the link to the book on Amazon if you want to take a look. There are some amazing reviews by some of my very first blog readers. I know and appreciate all of you! I remember the very beginning with Aviva Shore, Elizabeth Quayle, my parents (:))and so many others. Sending you all a huge hug and a lot of love!!

Happy Holidays,


Ally Hamilton

14 thoughts on “Ally’s First Book!”

  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! You are such a badass spiritual loving source of joy, keep-it-realness & light!!!

    I miss your energy in your classes SO much!



  2. So excited and so happy that more humans can benefit from your beautiful words. Your book has added to the world exactly what is needed, especially now.

  3. When I see your blog in my “in box”, I am so eager to read every word…….your words of wisdom have helped me heal during difficult times………..I’m so excited to find out you wrote a book! I just bought 3 copies……one to keep for myself and the other 2 to give to friends who really need to read your beautiful words. You are AWESOME Ally!

  4. I just purchased this “amazing” book without a doubt. I have already written a review because the excitement this book is giving me is beyond any written words. I didn’t just buy one… but two.
    Giving one as a gift to my best friend , because Ally has given us a shoulder to cry on in times of need and it is just amazing how she just embraces life as it comes, in all its glory. Hard, easy, dark and light with all of its colors in between.
    I am so so so happy she’s written this book. I have been reading all her posts mostly on FB and healing slowly from a stormy, rainy day.
    Ally gives us encouragement when the going gets tough and I’m grateful for all I’ve learnt from her. Thank you Ally, from the bottom of my broken heart…Looking forward to one day meeting you and taking a yoga class from you and learn some more from your amazing wisdom. Sending your all my smiles :)))

    1. Katty, a million thanks. I always love your insight, enthusiasm, and wonderful comments. The blog would not be what it is without the people who read it and join the conversation! Much much love to you! XOX

  5. Ally, I can´t wait to read your book! Muchas felicidades as we say here in Mexico! We now have Amazon in Mexico, and I will buy the book here, or when we go to the states in April. I love everything you write. Especially about practicing Yoga, which we do. Every day. And seated meditation. You must come to Mexico to give a Yoga workshop!

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