ephronI’ll be honest, this week kicked my ass! Sunday, my son sprained his ankle, so Monday he stayed home from school and we went to the doctor. Monday afternoon, my daughter spiked a fever and vomited (good times), so Tuesday she stayed home, and we went back to the doctor. Wednesday, she had to have a (harmless) cyst removed from her neck, which meant a needle in her neck, screaming, and a total nervous system response for mom, even though I kept us both breathing deeply the whole time. Also, in case you’re counting, that was the third trip to the doctor in as many days. Also, teaching, making meals, packing lunches, doing laundry, playing chaffeur, trying to tend to my next (book) baby, and y’know, attempting to squeeze in a personal life, get my eyebrows waxed, find time for my yoga, meditation and rowing every day so I don’t lose my mind, and I think you get the picture. So a little crazier than usual, but every week is an attempt to show up with the best of myself for myself, and all the people in my life, which makes me no different than anyone else.

Sometimes I teach standing pigeon in class, and some people lean their butts against the wall, and some people balance in the middle of the room, and others take flying pigeon. So everyone is in a balancing hip opener, it isn’t a question of the shape they make, it’s a matter of their state of mind and attitude while they’re in the shape they’re making. This is why I see no difference between yoga and life. How are we showing up? What tools work, what are the ways we can support our process and nurture and strengthen ourselves in the midst of this often crazy life, when our plans get turned on their heads regularly? How do we find time for ourselves when there are so many places we need to be, and people we want to love? How do we stoke that creative fire so we feel fulfilled? What do we do when we feel intensely vulnerable (I’ve been feeling a LOT of that lately).

I’m about to do an online course with one of the amazing women in my life, Jennifer Pastiloff. It’s called On Being Women, and if these are the kinds of questions you grapple with, take a look, and feel free to forward to any of your female friends who might also like or need some support right now. Here’s where you register.

So much love to you,

Ally Hamilton

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  1. Ally. So true. Yoga is no different from real life. Also. Everything changes. Soon all this ordeal will be a thing of the past. Love you!

      1. Thought so but didn’t want to choose the wrong one! 🙂 You are one busy lady. Do you ever REST ?! Take care of yourself. Peace and love.

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