How’s the Water?

Everything all at once seems to be a theme right now (and maybe always). The excitement of reopening along with the anxiety. The prospect of being out in the world together in a carefree way, and the heartache of two mass shootings the first week we’re semi-open. Taking my daughter to school for an in-person tour, but realizing on the way I haven’t dropped her off anywhere and then left…for a year! Watching her stand on line 6 feet from the person in front of her and behind her, double-masked so I can’t tell if she’s okay. Finding out later she had a great time.

The heart of the yoga practice is quieting the mind so we can find steadiness. Learning how to calm ourselves and open our hearts in an uncertain world so we can show up with love in the face of fear. And looking reality square in the face so we can deal with it honestly.

We’ve been through so much this last year – along with the pandemic we’ve had an opportunity to get real about systemic racism. The utter devastation of George Floyd’s murder and the absolute truth that mothers of Black boys have to have conversations with their fourteen-year-old sons that I do not have to have with mine. I think racism is learned, I don’t think it’s natural to us. But not being a racist isn’t enough. We all have to get busy being anti-racist. It’s sad we have to work at something that ought to be obvious, but when we’re all growing up in a system that celebrates whiteness, this becomes the work.

It reminds me of David Foster Wallace’s opening to his famous commencement speech. Two young fish are swimming along and they pass an older fish. He says, “Hi boys, how’s the water?” And they swim on and one turns to the other and says, “What’s water?” You don’t notice injustice if it isn’t being directed at you.

Please join me and the amazing Leah Kim (@leahkimyoga) for an open, honest conversation about racism, anti-Asian violence and how we can support the AAPI community and all communities who need our commitment to make “the water” safe for everyone.

Tuesday, March 30th at 5:30pm PST on the Yogis Anonymous Instagram page

I’d love to see you there for the kind of conversation I feel certain we all need to be having.


Sending love to all,


Ally Hamilton Hewitt

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