The Power of Vulnerability

This is the predominant thought I was left with after our Friday Family Meeting on the Yogis Anonymous Practice Page today. The topic was the power of vulnerability and what a gift it is when we can offer a safe space to ourselves and to others to feel whatever we’re feeling. There’s such a tendency in our culture to edit out or push down the uncomfortable feelings, but it’s exhausting and counterproductive. Pushing a feeling down or shoving it to the side doesn’t make it go away – in fact, what we resist, persists! When we open to our feelings we learn something about where we are and what we need. Sometimes we avoid this work because we know intuitively what we need is for something to shift, and change can be scary.

Other times, we know we can’t change a situation so we think if we avoid our feelings around it that will somehow make it better, but the opposite is true. If you’re grieving, the only cure is to allow yourself to grieve. If you’re scared, letting yourself feel the fear is the first step toward freedom. The one thing that most blocks our ability to be vulnerable is the desire to get everything right. Allowing ourselves to not know and to have the space to not get everything right is exactly the permission we need to give ourselves and the people we love.

Every Friday we talk about a different topic on the Yogis Anonymous Practice Page on Facebook and then I lead a live guided meditation around the theme. It’s free and it’s beautiful to be in conversation with other yogis interested in what it means to be deeply human and what it takes to find peace inside so we can reflect that back out into the world. If you’d like to join us on the Practice Page we’d love to see you. I’ll also be concurrently offering these sessions over Zoom moving forward in case you’d rather join that way and I’ll include the link to join in the weekly newsletter!

Sending you love and the hope that you find the strength to open to what is true even when it’s uncomfortable. I’ve found that’s where the gold is ✨✌️

Ally Hamilton Hewitt

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