Personal Power

All right everybody, here’s a little food for thought!

Please finish this sentence:

I give my (personal) power away when I…

Here are some possibilities:

•Allow self-doubt to stop me
•Get into a comparing/contrasting mindset
•Don’t act on my own behalf
•Neglect to prioritize my own needs
•Participate in situations that insult my heart
•Allow someone’s disappointing behavior to dominate my thoughts/energy/attention
•Forget that what I do or don’t do makes a difference

What comes up for you?

Often (definitely not always) the difference between a day when we feel at peace or at ease and a day when we suffer mentally has to do with the choices we’re making. What are you focusing on? Is it strengthening you or bringing you down?

I give my power away when I…

Identify ways you might be letting yourself down and then let’s be mindful to make this is a day when we don’t succumb 💪👌

Sending you love and I can’t wait to hear your responses!

Ally Hamilton Hewitt

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