Ready for Some Spring Cleaning? Me too!

Hello friends!

I am excited to announce my next online week-long retreat starting Monday, April 11-Sunday, April 17th!

If you think an online retreat can’t be a powerful springboard for change, for a reboot, for community support, for encouragement, growth and joy…then I know it’s because you haven’t joined me for one yet!

The theme of this retreat is Spring Cleaning. So many people are struggling with stress, and with carving out the time to take care of themselves. We all know we feel our best when we get enough rest both physically and mentally, when we feed ourselves well, take time to calm our nervous systems and quiet our minds, tend to our physical well-being, remember to focus on all the things that are flowing and all the gifts in our lives, and prioritize self-care, but it can feel overwhelming to figure out how to make time for all of that in a day, and still be able to do all the other things we need to do! Every meditation, gratitude prompt, vinyasa class and journaling prompt will be based on the idea of clearing out, of releasing tension, of creating more space and ease and a free flow of energy.

Lastly, you may feel like this is a strange time to focus on yourself when there’s so much heartache in the world right now, but I would kindly offer that I am so much more present and able to be of service when I fill my tank. It’s hard to help anyone when we’re running on empty.

All classes (meditations and vinyasa flows) will happen over zoom, and all classes will be recorded so you can join live, or take at a time that works for you. 

Here is what we’ll be doing:

Monday through Friday

15-Minute Guided Meditation and Gratitude Prompt sent to you each evening to be used on your schedule

9-10am Intermediate/Advanced Vinyasa Flow followed by a Journaling Prompt

Sunday: 11am-12:30pm PST 90-Minute Intermediate/Advanced Vinyasa Flow

When you sign up, I will send you Clean Eating Guidelines and Recipes and offer support along the way.

I try to make these retreats affordable, and to offer a LOT for a price that I hope is in reach! The cost of the retreat is $150

To register, go to:


or Venmo: Ally-Hamilton-5

Make your payment and then please email me at

If you’d like to add a 30-minute coaching session over zoom to share your struggles or goals, add $50 to your payment and we will schedule that when you email me.

Sending you tons of love, I look forward to another fabulous retreat!

Ally Hamilton


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