21-Day YA Wellness Reset!

The one thing I hear the most (after, “I can’t do yoga because I can’t touch my toes”) is, “I don’t have time to prioritize self-care,” sniffle, sob. I get it! I have fallen into that same trap, and it leads to nothing but trouble. It is also not true!

Believe me when I tell you I understand time constraints, feeling overwhelmed, thinking there are just not enough hours in the day. I have two children and a business, and I write books “on the side”, haha, plus I have a relationship and about a million places for my energy to go. When you sacrifice self-care, everything in your life will suffer. It doesn’t require a lot of time to prioritize your well-being, it just takes commitment, and paying attention to four main categories:

1. Your mental and emotional health. One of the best things you can do for yourself is start the day by quieting your mind. The benefits of meditation are many, too many to list, but here are a few: you learn to be present, curious and engaged with what is happening right here, right now. Your mind, which probably pulls you into the past with longing, or into the future with fear and anxiety, learns how to settle. 

2. Your ability to focus on what you do have instead of what you don’t have. Culturally, we are bombarded with messages that we don’t have enough, that other people have more or are doing better, that we aren’t measuring up in several important ways, that happiness is available if only we could stop sucking so much. Rewiring your mind so that it recognizes and appreciates what is flowing in your life will set you up so you’re coming from a place of abundance and appreciation, instead of fear and lack. A daily gratitude practice is how we start to shift!

3. Your physical health, Part 1: Moving and breathing and sweating and getting your heart pumping is the best way I know to take care of your home. Your body is where you live! You want to be able to reach for that highest shelf or tie your own shoes when you’re ninety, you want to be able to support your low back with a strong core, and you want to feel good in your skin. Daily yoga is your friend, and again, you don’t have to find 90 minutes! Any number of minutes are better than zero minutes. 

4. Your physical health, Part 2: What you feed yourself is so important. If you’re eating a diet full of highly processed foods, lots of caffeine, sugar, empty carbs and/or artificial sweeteners, your body is probably not feeling too good! It doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare meals that are made up of whole foods your body loves, it just takes know-how and some time-hacks. I have you covered!

 Here’s the plan: We’re going to meet up online every day for 21 days on a secret Facebook page. I’ll lead a live, guided 10-minute meditation at 9am PST (though the meditations will live on the page, so you can take them at the beginning of your day if you’re in a different time zone).

Once we’ve meditated, I’ll post a journaling prompt designed to help you develop a daily gratitude practice, which is the key to training your mind on everything you do have instead of anything you don’t.

You’ll get a coupon code for an unlimited month of yoga on YogisAnonymous.com if you don’t already have a subscription (if you’re doing the math, yes, your access will last for a month, though this course is 21 days, so bonus yoga, yay!) If you are a subscriber already, you can gift your month to a friend, because what’s better than the gift of yoga??

I will talk to you about meal planning at the beginning of the challenge so you can set yourself up to be eating in a way that will nourish you and help you overcome reliance on sugar, empty carbs and caffeine (think whole, organic foods that are easy to prepare).

Every day I will post a kick-ass yoga class bound to get your heart-rate elevated along with your mood.

We’ll do a daily check-in under the posted class and the meditations so you can share how it’s going for you, and I will respond and you will also have group support and accountability!

The price of this challenge is $199! Here are testimonials from past participants:

Having the daily routine, the daily support and encouragement, was KEY for me. Before I enrolled in the class I seriously didn’t feel like I had time for self care. I was in a rut of unhealthy habits I felt like I couldn’t get out of. I sound like an infomercial but these 21 days have honestly been life changing. Because I see that I can actually do this. I can be a busy working mom and still have time to meditate and exercise and cook (still can’t believe that one) healthy food. I definitely needed that daily consistency to make these new healthy habits a part of my life. Thank you Ally! I will definitely be back for more classes. You seriously rule so much! Xoxox ~Jennifer M. 

+1 regarding making time for self care. It’s hard to motivate when Life feels overwhelming, busy and draining, but this was great motivation for me to get back on the yoga wagon! I didn’t realize how much I missed it and now wonder how or why I ever stopped. Thank you for these 21 days, Ally! ~Laura B.  

I have learned a lot and feel motivated to keep moving forward with this. I learned new things that will help me grow on so many levels. I thank you for always being available to answer our questions, you are great! I have not tried every class yet, but I will. As I mentioned, I will continue to refer back to this page for a while:) The meditations I am working at and need to keep on it. I only wish I could have been live with you but was glad that I could view the videos later in the day. Recipes were such a huge help,mason jars, something I will continue to use moving forward. 21 days was perfect, and I enjoyed seeing the other members comments felt like we were in this together.. I loved your class recommendations. Honestly, I would not change anything..Being able to refer back to this page is a huge bonus, allows me to go back and review and try again. Thank you Ally! ~Marlene Z.

 I loved the 21 day challenge. I feel so much more grounded and free in my mind and my movement. It was so helpful to have the daily guided meditations and yoga suggestions. Your support, as well as the community feel created by the other members has been invaluable in keeping me motivated. Thank you so much!! ~Arya W.

I’ve been practicing yoga six days a week for 26 years. I’ve had a daily seated meditation practice for 16 years. My life is not perfect, and it has not all unfolded the way I hoped it might, but I love it anyway, and I love it wholeheartedly. I’ve been coaching people one-on-one for the last ten years, and running online courses, Skype sessions, and weekend healing retreats since 2004. I’ve written two books and have a daily blog where I interact with people from all over the world. I’ve been doing that since 2010. There is nothing you can say to me that is going to shock me or make me recoil. What I’ve found is that we are all a lot more the same than we are different. Most of us just feel shame around our fear, mistakes, and tendencies that don’t serve us, but shame keeps you stuck and support is often the difference between staying stuck or freeing yourself. If you’re ready, I’m ready to do this with you.

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