The “Embracing Change” Bootcamp: 30 Days to Free Yourself from Fear

I created this course because change is the one constant, the one thing we can count on, and yet for so many of us, we resist and contract when the ground beneath us starts to shift.

Here are things you can’t control:

* Circumstances

* The weather

* Your boss, siblings, parents, children, in-laws, partner, guy driving in front of you, or local barista

* What other people will want, say, feel, need or do

Why you should sign up:

Since life isn’t obligated to unfold like the picture in our heads of “how things should be”, we have to learn how to make peace with the shape of things! Need help with that?

Maybe you’re struggling with:

* The end of a relationship

* A change in your professional life that has, or needs to happen

* An existential or mid-life crisis

* A huge change in any area that you didn’t see coming

How this course will help:

The greatest power you have resides in how you respond to what you’re given. The more you can open to reality as it is, rather than contract against events you can’t control, the less you suffer. There are tools that help.

What you’ll get:

* 30 days of support from me, and a community of people also struggling with change as you start to open to things as they are.

* Two live talks with me each week, one at the beginning of the week to introduce our topic, and one at the end of the week to check in with your progress.

* Three live, guided meditations per week, all designed to help you find inner steadiness.

* Daily journaling prompts around this topic so you can get your feelings out of your headspace, and look at them with more clarity.

* Three yoga classes per week, curated by me, and also designed to help you open to change.

Why you want to do this with me:

I’ve been practicing yoga six days a week for 26 years. I’ve had a daily seated meditation practice for 16 years. My life is not perfect, and it has not all unfolded the way I hoped it might, but I love it anyway, and I love it wholeheartedly. I’ve been coaching people one-on-one for the last ten years, and running online courses, Skype sessions, and weekend healing retreats since 2004. I’ve written two books and have a daily blog where I interact with people from all over the world. I’ve been doing that since 2010. There is nothing you can say to me that is going to shock me or make me recoil. What I’ve found is that we are all a lot more the same than we are different. Most of us just feel shame around our fear, mistakes, and tendencies that don’t serve us, but shame keeps you stuck and support is often the difference between staying stuck or freeing yourself. If you’re ready, I’m ready to do this with you.

Looking for alternate payment methods? Have other questions? Just email me and I’ll get right back to you.

Sending you love and wishing you peace,

Ally Hamilton