Relationships 101

Ready to have more meaningful connections with all the important people in your life?

If there’s one thing most people want, it’s connection. We all want to feel we’re having some kind of positive impact on the people around us, that we’re offering something of value, and that we are seen, understood and cherished by at least one person in this world. That doesn’t seem like too much to ask, and yet lots of people struggle over interpersonal relationships, family dynamics, patterns that aren’t serving them and heartache around feeling misunderstood and alone. At the root of everything in your life is the relationship you are having with yourself. That is where we’ll start in this course, and we will build from there.

The course begins October 1st!

How this will work:

Week 1: Svadhyaya (Self-Study) – Over the course of our first week we’ll identify the things bothering you the most.

– Are you struggling with one person in particular, or are you feeling stuck or dissatisfied with all the relationships in your life?
– Do you struggle with creating boundaries, or is it hard for you to recognize other people’s boundaries?
-Do you have a tough time communicating honestly and calmly, or is that easy for you?

These are just some of the questions we will dive into, so that while this course is a group endeavor and includes the support of other people working to create more fulfilling relationships in their lives, it will be tailored personally to you.

Week 2: Samskaras (Patterns That Might Lead to Pain)
– Do you ever feel like you’re riding the same train into the same brick wall, yet you keep buying tickets to ride again? Been there!
– Do you feel like there is something about you that is essentially broken, preventing you from finding love that feels good?
– Do you find you’re always the giver in your relationships, bending over backwards or giving until you feel depleted?
– Do you chase people for approval, and/or is rejection a “hook” for you?
These are just some of our topics for Week 2!

Week 3: Satya: (Truthfulness)
Week 3 will be about clear communication and honesty. Sometimes we aren’t dealing with ourselves truthfully, and sometimes we’re struggling to be straightforward with the people in our lives. If you’re lying to yourself about anything, you’re creating a roadblock to your own happiness. Maybe you’re telling yourself that you cannot or should not make a shift – even though your intuition is screaming for it – because you’ll hurt or disappoint other people. Maybe you aren’t holding yourself accountable over certain behaviors or choices you are making. Week 3 is about getting real with yourself, because without that, no shift is possible.

Week 4: Santosha (Contentment)
If you want to feel fulfilled and at ease in your relationships – and by that I mean with your parents, children, siblings, partners, friends, colleagues, and people you encounter day to day, you have to feel comfortable in your own skin. Week 4 is about compassion for yourself and other people. It’s about recognizing the human condition and how challenging it is for most people to live in uncertainty, which is the one constant in life. If you can’t make peace with change, you’re going to suffer! That’s our theme for Week 4.

In order to accomplish so much in so little time, you’ll get a month’s subscription to (if you aren’t already a current subscriber), and I will make class suggestions each week to match the theme we’re delving into.

On Mondays and Fridays I’ll do a live talk (there’s a secret Facebook page for the group where we will meet up). This course begins Tuesday, October 1st. I will do a live talk that morning and a live meditation Wednesday morning. After that, Monday’s talk will introduce the theme of the week, then Friday’s talk will be our check-in so I can see how you are doing. You can ask questions live, or you can watch the talks at a time that works for you and leave questions below the videos or in Messenger if there are things you don’t want to share with the group (though group support is one of the best things that happens in these courses).

On Wednesdays I will do a live, guided meditation on the theme of the week. Monday to Friday I’ll post journaling prompts so you can work on these questions at a pace that feels good to you. Then on Saturdays and Sundays I’ll ask you to try meditating on your own (you can always use the meditation of the week, these will all be about 10-15 minutes long). By the end of the course, I’m hoping you’ll have a meditation practice if you don’t already.

 Other than the shift in week 1 with our first talk Tuesday, this will be the schedule for our month together:

Monday 9am: First Live Talk of the week

Monday 12:30pm: Journaling prompt

Monday evening:  I’ll make suggestions for the week about yoga classes you can take relating to the topic and based on your level and other needs

Tuesday 12:30pm: Journaling Prompt

Wednesday 9am: First Guided Meditation/Talk (the meditations all have a different focus or will offer different tools, and I’ll talk before or after)

Wednesday 12:30pm: Journaling Prompt

Thursday 12:30pm: Journaling Prompt

Friday 10am: Second Live Talk of the Week – this is where I will tie together everything we’ve been working on all week, answer any of your questions, or just respond to comments. It’s an opportunity for each of you to let me know how you are doing, and address any issues that might come up. If you can’t tune in live, I respond to every single comment so you can watch when it works for you.

Friday 12:30pm: Journaling Prompt

Some of the best stuff happens in the comments below the videos of live talks and meditations. Group discussions are powerful and enlightening and bring up ideas and questions that might not arise otherwise. This is where our community develops and everyone starts to realize how much we all struggle with the same stuff 🙂

On  Saturdays and Sundays you can meditate,  journal and do the yoga on your own schedule as your weekend allows. I will do a check-in to see how everyone is doing over the weekend; my intention is that everyone who participates will leave the course with daily habits that help to improve all the relationships in their lives.

If you have questions about any of this, please let me know! We begin October 1st!

I’ve been practicing yoga six days a week for 26 years. I’ve had a daily seated meditation practice for 16 years. My life is not perfect, and it has not all unfolded the way I hoped it might, but I love it anyway, and I love it wholeheartedly. I treasure the important relationships in my life, I nurture them and don’t take them for granted, they’re the best gifts I know! I’ve been coaching people one-on-one for the last ten years, and running online courses, Skype sessions, and weekend healing retreats since 2004. I’ve written two books and have a daily blog where I interact with people from all over the world. I’ve been doing that since 2010. There is nothing you can say to me that is going to shock me or make me recoil. What I’ve found is that we are all a lot more the same than we are different. Most of us just feel shame around our fear, mistakes, and tendencies that don’t serve us, but shame keeps you stuck and support is often the difference between staying stuck or freeing yourself. If you’re ready, I’m ready to do this with you.

Time is running out to save $50 by signing up before midnight September 1st.

Looking for alternate payment methods? Have other questions? Just email me and I’ll get right back to you.

Sending you love and wishing you peace,

Ally Hamilton