Yoga’s Healing Power: Sustainable Self-Care

An online, individual and group-coaching month-long course conducted entirely over Zoom and email (with optional access to a private Facebook page) starting the 1st of each month. A whole-person approach to wellness and happiness with focused, individual attention to help you make self-care a regular and essential part of your day!


What you’ll get:

Access to if you don’t already subscribe with a month-long personalized yoga program based on your level, schedule and goals curated by me.

At the beginning of the course we will have a 30-minute one-on-one coaching session over Zoom that includes personalized support with goal setting and goal keeping and practical, meaningful help if you struggle to commit to your own well-being. We’ll talk about where you are now, where you feel stuck, and what you’d like to work on!

1-Hour Group Coaching Sessions Each Week Around Our Topic of the Week Over Zoom.

A copy of my book, Yoga’s Healing Power: Looking Inward for Change, Growth and Peace which includes journaling prompts and exercises at the end of each chapter. We will read selected chapters and meet over zoom to discuss 1 hour each week.

10-minute meditations at the start of each week to be used daily.

Support with good self-esteem, body image and clean eating.

Bi-Weekly Journaling Prompts around our topic of the week.

1-hour once/week live yoga classes over zoom for our group.

Cost of the Course: $1,000*


Venmo: @Ally-Hamilton-5

So that’s one 30-minute zoom session at the beginning of the course so you can tell me what you’re struggling with and what you want to work on, 1-hour group coaching over zoom each week around different topics all central to health, wellness and happiness, 1-hour group discussions over zoom each week about chapters from YHP which I’ll assign, along with the journaling prompts and exercises that go with those chapters, bi-weekly journaling prompts around our topics each week, a personalized yoga program based on your needs and goals and access to the site if you don’t already subscribe, support with clean eating and body image and incredible group support!

I have found in my own life that therapy can be incredible for identifying our issues, stories we’re telling ourselves, tendencies, patterns and places where we’ve been really hurt, but sometimes we get stuck at the identifying step and don’t know how to work through this stuff so it isn’t defining us or determining how life is going to feel moving forward. Coaching combined with a somatic practice where we’re getting on our mats, getting in our bodies and working with our breath to unlock some of these feelings and release them, can be that missing link between identifying our issues, and making progress creating new ways of being and feeling. This is the work I’m passionate about!

The schedule:

Once you register, we will get your one-on-one session scheduled.

On the 1st of the month I will go live on our Facebook private group page with our first 10-minute meditation. (If you do not wish to join the Facebook page, I will send you links to the 10-minute meditations each week). I will announce the time in the days before our month together begins so you can join me live if you wish, though the meditation will stay up on the page so you can use it at whatever time works for you! After that, I will go live with our 10-minute meditations on Mondays at 10am PST.

Hour-long live yoga classes over zoom will happen on Tuesdays at 10am PST.

We will meet for our group coaching sessions Thursdays at 4pm PST.

We will meet for our discussions about the chapters from YHP on Sundays at 4pm PST.

Please note: I will record ALL the sessions over zoom, so if you are not able to join live, you will get recordings of everything to use at a time that works for you! The only thing you have to join live for is our one-on-one coaching session! Any changes to the schedule for any of the above will be announced well ahead of time!

How it works:

After you sign up, you will answer four questions about your goals and desires for your physical, emotional, and creative health.

Question 1: What is the quality of the relationship you’re having with yourself right now?  Is the voice inside your head one that roots you on or tears you down? Do you have self-limiting beliefs or stories about how you’re stuck, broken, not enough or not responsible for the way your life looks and feels? What is your relationship with your body right now? What is your relationship with food and how you feed your body? What are your goals for your physical health? How do you make these goals part of your daily life, and something you stick to, enjoy and prioritize? If you don’t love your body right now, today, we will work on how you start to develop a loving relationship and what that would look like. We’ll talk about clean eating, but we’ll also talk about emotional eating!

Question 2: How much yoga have you done? Can you commit to *some* amount of yoga 6 days a week? 5 days? What works for you, your life and your schedule? I’m also going to ask you to commit to 10 minutes a day of meditation using the guided meditations I provide at the beginning of each week.  I’m going to design a yoga program just for you, with class recommendations for each day (or however many days you feel you can practice each week)  – you’ll have access to for the month if you don’t subscribe already. Are you a beginner, never-done-yoga person, or someone who’s been practicing for years? How much time can you realistically commit each day? 15 minutes? 30? 45? More? Would you like a combination – mostly 30 minute practices and one 60-minute class/week? Be as specific as you can about your level, the timeframe that works best for you, and what it is you’re hoping to accomplish so I can design a yoga program just for you! Do you want to make your physical health a daily part of your life? Are you looking to increase your energy? Flexibility? Are you interested in classes to help you work with your anxiety and calm your nervous system? Are you working on deepening your backbends, opening your hips, finding your handstand? Do you need to do Chair Yoga and start slowly?

Question 3: How are the relationships in your life? Do they feel meaningful, nurturing and fulfilling? Do you find it easy to share openly, to express how you feel in the moment, to communicate when you feel hurt or misunderstood? Do you think you’re a good listener? Do you find yourself listening but waiting for your “turn” for a moment when you can cut in? Do you like to be right all the time? Do you think it’s possible to “win” an argument with someone you love? Are you afraid to be wrong, to make a mistake, or to admit you’ve been looking at something through a skewed lens? We’re going to dive into all kinds of relationship issues whether you need some support with romantic relationships, familial or those you deal with in your day-to-day life. If rejection is a hook for you, if it sets you off running, we’ll dive into that. If you feel like you keep repeating the same old pattern and ending up heartbroken, we’ll dig into that, too.

Question 4: How are things for you creatively? Do you feel you’ve identified your particular gifts and are finding ways to share them? This doesn’t always mean your way of keeping a roof over your head – I’m interested in whether you feel fulfilled inside, whether you feel seen and appreciated by those who know you best, whether you have a passion for cooking, hiking, painting, dancing, singing…anything that feeds your soul.

These are going to be our topics over our four weeks together, and they will shift depending on your feedback and the personality and needs of the group, but we will approach wellness as a whole-person experience!

Of course these topics and the talks each week will be tailored to fit your answers to the above questions. After 25 years of working with people, I have found that most of the things we struggle with are universal – feelings of not being enough, struggles with shame, abandonment, betrayal, having a hard time finding purpose or meaning, feelings of being alone or broken. I’m going to limit the number of first-time participants to 10 so that this is an intimate experience. We’ll meet live over zoom Thursdays and Sundays 4-5pm PST. Any exceptions to that schedule will be announced at the beginning of your month.

**Please email me at before you sign up with a short description of what you hope to accomplish so I can make sure this is a good fit and to confirm there’s space in the course you want to join.**

Cost of the course: $1,000*


Venmo: @Ally-Hamilton-5

Here are recommendations from past participants:

Ally Hamiliton’s Sustainable Self-Care group is a game-changer.  Ally incorporates meditation, yoga, journaling, and group time to create a safe environment for participants to learn from Ally and each other. Ally empathically guides each member by sharing her experiences and providing thought provoking journal prompts. Ally interacts with each member with empathy and understanding and sheds new light on the  “how to” of self care in the time of uncertainty. Yogis Anonymous yoga makes yoga accessible for all as it covers all levels, interests, and time requirements.  I am grateful to have this experience with Ally – Kristin M.

I’ve known Ally for years now, through her heartfelt blogs, through her books later on, and her workshops I took in NYC and Kripalu along the way. I followed her on her FB page and have taken her meditation and yoga classes on her Yogis Anonymous site as she’s been an amazing source of inspiration with lots of tools and various modalities of healing, from dealing with my separation/divorce years ago, to my most recent breakup and everything in between. Yes, it’s a lot on the human body and mind. This is an absolutely amazing course, with an absolutely amazing group of women! We came together online of all places, as most things nowadays. I have a love/hate relationship with technology but I got used to it as this course brought together a great group of women whom I felt comfortable sharing my most uncomfortable life stories with and most personal heartfelt feelings. Ally is a great listener and most empathetic and so great at explaining and reassuring that it’s worth reasoning with and addressing deep down buried up issues. I never want this course to end. I’m a work in progress indeed. I never went to therapy in my life but this feels so comfortable and so helpful. I love Ally Hamilton so much, as a mentor and a yoga teacher as she is so fun, funny and wise, talented and beautiful from the inside out and… yes, I can never imagine my life without her in it. Thank you for everything Ally. I appreciate youKatty I.

I am in the current (January) class and have gotten so much out of it. It was a little outside of my comfort zone to sign up as I don’t know Ally in real life, I live in the Midwest and I haven’t been doing yoga for years. What led me to sign up was the fact that I love the Yogis Anonymous practice page and all of the yoga wisdom I had gleaned from those classes was keeping me sane during this crazy time. The class has helped distill and magnify those ways yoga helps me fight back the anxiety and stress of life in 2020/21. I would highly recommend. Ally Hamilton is so warm and caring, which makes the class feel like a hug from a friend who is helping you work through some stuff so you can be the best version of yourself Jenny B.

Love this! I took this course last month and benefited immensely from it, I got myself back on track for the new year and found new ways to be kinder to myself. I prioritized self care and started writing a book about my life. Ally is wonderful -you will see the results and be a happier more fulfilled personNadia V.

I’m excited to be offering this course! I love working with people in a deep and meaningful way to set up pathways for healing and happiness! Here’s a little video about the way I approach coaching.

Sending love to you and yours,

Ally Hamilton Hewitt

*If at any time after your first month in the course you’d like to come back for a refresher month, the cost will be $100 and that will give you access to all the coaching, meditations, and help with clean eating.

Please email me for payment plan options, sliding scale and available scholarships!