Your Heart Can Fly

Wake-at-dawn-with-aDo you know how I feel when someone lets me merge in traffic or holds a door open? When a stranger smiles and means it? Reassured about the world. Happy. Thankful and hopeful. Because that stuff is just as potentially contagious as sticking your traffic finger out the window of your car, or letting the elevator doors close “accidentally on purpose.”

We are energetic creatures, and wherever we go we’re spreading energy, and absorbing it. Now some of that can be a choice…you can decide not to let the fact that someone cuts you off on the freeway effect your blood pressure or your mood. You can decide not to allow someone else’s comments or actions rob you of the joy or peace you might be cultivating in your own heart in that particular moment. You do not have to receive the gift of someone’s anger unless it belongs to you. If you want to do a little advanced practice, you can wave and smile at the people who cut you off and confuse the sh&t out of them and drive away with a big grin on your face. And you can also decide to be accountable for the energy you’re contributing as you move through your day. Especially if you’re angry about something, or feeling dark. Which is perfectly natural, but not necessarily something you want to be spreading all over the place.

Whenever it’s possible, whenever you’re feeling it within you, spread some light, some joy, some kindness. Share your smile, that twinkle in your eye, or the kind of laughing that makes your sides ache. Share hugs and hope, and act on those spontaneous feelings of wanting to help people, even if, (maybe especially if), you don’t know them. It’s natural for us to care about each other. We’re hard-wired for compassion (Google “mirror neurons”). We’re just out of practice. We’ve bought into a story that is a lie. We have been taught to be hard, to compete, to “get ahead or get left behind”. Unlearn that stuff, it is not authentic to you, or me, or anyone else. Drop the armor.

We humans, we really need connection. None of us is alone here, but it can feel that way sometimes, when people are cold or harsh or distracted or racing by. Be one of the people who’s holding a door open. Because there’s a secret to living this life in a way that feels incredible. There’s a formula, and for some crazy reason, it doesn’t get shared enough. The more you spend your time and energy trying in whatever big and little ways you can to uplift other people, the happier and more fulfilled and full of purpose you’re going to feel. Spread the wings of your heart and fly into this day and share every ounce of love you’ve got because you will never run out. Sending you love, Ally Hamilton

Be Love.

Your-soul-doesnt-careWe put so much emphasis on “doing’ in our culture, and very little on being. I believe this is one of the root causes of suffering. You might have a great job, or you might have a job you work at in order to get by, to keep a roof over your head, and some food in your refrigerator. Either way, how you’re being as you’re doing whatever you’re doing is really at the heart of whether you’re going to be happy or not.

You could be the CEO of some huge company, and never have to worry about paying your bills. But if you’re competitive with everyone, or you think everyone is out to get you, or that there’s only so much room at the top, if you “go for the jugular” because your outlook is “it’s a dog eat dog world”, then you’re probably pretty miserable (and I doubt you’re on this blog). If you’re working a job you wish you weren’t, but you’re having some compassion for yourself and everyone else, you’re probably happier than that CEO (and no, I’m not saying all CEO’s are unhappy or unkind, I’m just trying to illustrate a point. I know lots of people with high-profile jobs who are very actively giving back and trying to be of service).

We just have such an obsession with what people do and have, and not as much in who people ARE, or how they’re being in the world. Is it any wonder so many people feel alone? When you go to a party, what’s the second question people ask you after they know your name? I realize it’s a “safe” conversation starter, but so is, “So, where are you from?”, or, “What do you like to do on your ‘off’ time?” If you’re not worried about staying in the safety zone, you could try, “What’s the last thing that scared the sh&t out of you?”, or, “Have you ever jumped out of a plane, and would you, if the opportunity presented itself?”. Answers to any of those questions would tell you so much more about the person you’re speaking with than a rote response to queries about what they do.

Doing whatever you can to uplift other people is the surest route to happiness I know, so if you’re going to focus on doing, I’d focus on doing that. If you’re not sure that’s true, see how much love and light you can spread wherever you go today. Hold doors open, let people merge in traffic, smile at strangers, take the time to really listen, and I can pretty much guarantee you’ll have a great and meaningful day whether you’ve got the job of your dreams, or you’re working a job to make ends meet. It’s not what you do, it’s who you are, and how you’re being. Be love, because you ARE love. Put a bunch of days like that together, and I’m pretty sure you’ll have a meaningful life that brings you a lot of peace and joy. Sending you some love right now! Ally Hamilton