Get Comfortable!

Its-surprising-how-manyI think there are many people out there who feel alone and afraid and quietly desperate, worrying that they are really just unlovable at their core. That they’re not pretty enough or strong enough or smart or funny or tall or skinny or rich or sexy or charismatic, or whatever enough, to matter much to anyone. If that speaks to you, I want you to get a little closer to your screen. Because I really think you need to get clear on something: those are all lies.

When you were born, someone marveled at your 10 perfect little fingers, and 10 chubby little toes. Maybe it wasn’t your parents; sometimes, through no fault of our own, we are born to people who don’t know how to receive the gift of a miracle. But someone looked at your little digits, and thought they were amazing. You could look at them right now, just to make sure they’re still there, and also to remind yourself, you are still a miracle. The 37 trillion or so cells that compose you have never come together for anyone else in exactly the same way before, and they never will again. Of all the moments you could have shown up, you arrived when you did, on your birthday. Happy Birthday, by the way!!! I’m so glad you were born.

No one else has your smile, your laugh, or that twinkle in your eye. That’s yours. No one says things exactly the way you do, or has those little quirks you have. No one else has your exact memories, heartbreaks, joys and particular gifts. I’m sorry, but I just reject the idea that this is all a coincidence. You’re here for a reason. We’re all made of the same stuff, but we each have our own special way to shine our light. The trick is to unlock it, to bust the lid off of it and fully amaze yourself.

When you are comfortable with yourself, when you realize what you know, and acknowledge what you are, love will naturally spring up from deep within you. It’s been waiting to do that your entire adult life if it hasn’t happened already. You probably understood you were made of love when you were little, unless you had that idea stamped out of you. You probably went around shining and loving and giving it away freely, with abandon. You need to do that again. You know how, it’s literally like riding a bike. The feeling of loving yourself is like coming home. And when you do that for yourself, it feels so good you want to do it for everyone you meet. You want to extend yourself–your hand, your ear, your heart, your shoulder, anything you’ve got. When people feel love coming from you, they want to get closer. And closer is nice. Let the love in. Sending some to you right now, Ally Hamilton