Yogis Anonymous FREE 14-Day Challenge!

Hello, friends!

We have a challenge for you! Whether you’re brand-new to yoga or a longtime yogi, can you commit to 14 days in a row of yoga? How about 10 minutes a day of meditation, along with clean eating? Join us for this challenge that starts THURSDAY (July 1st) and we guarantee you’ll feel stronger in your body, you’ll have plenty of sustained energy throughout the day, you’ll sleep more soundly at night, and you’ll feel calmer and more present for everything!

You can read about every detail below and also see preview clips of the suggested classes, or you can join me for a zoom meeting this Thursday at 9am PST and I will answer all your questions live and get you all set up to ROCK this and feel amazing!

When: Jul 1, 2021 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this meeting:

The password is: challenge

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

If you can’t join for the zoom, that is fine, all the information is below!

First, determine your level:

Are you a sedentary beginner who needs help starting to move and breathe and develop a healthy, loving relationship with your body?

Are you a fit beginner, someone who exercises regularly but is new to yoga?

Are you an intermediate or advanced practitioner who already knows how amazing you feel when you get on your mat and breathe deeply, but you could use a little motivation, group support and accountability? Or maybe you’re looking to kick your practice up a notch?

Wherever you fall on this spectrum, you will find 14 days of class suggestions below. After you’ve completed your class each day, come check in on the Yogis Anonymous Practice Page on Facebook and I will be there to answer any questions or simply to applaud you, as will subscribers from all over the globe! If you’d rather not join on Facebook, I will email you the pdf and everything else you need, just reach out to me at ally@yogisanonymous.com!

I will give you a 10-minute guided meditation each week, one for our first week and one for our second week for you to use every day.

If you need support with clean eating, you will have guidelines which are applicable to any diet, whether you’re a gluten-free vegetarian, or you eat everything! More detailed information, tips and meal suggestions will be available on the Practice Page when our challenge begins!

If you scroll down you will see preview clips of the 14 days of suggested yoga classes based on your level. You will not see the full-length classes unless you are already a subscriber! If you are not a current subscriber you’ll need to activate your free trial on July 1st to see the full-length classes. This is very simple, you just head to YogisAnonymous.com on July 1st and click the “Get 15 Days of Yoga Classes Free” blue button! Please note, you will only see preview clips of the classes below until you activate your free trial on July 1st*** (unless you are already a current subscriber)! If you have an expired subscription you can reactivate for $5 for your first month back and join the challenge that way!


Class Suggestions

Sedentary Beginners: If you are not very active generally, if you’ve been sitting for far too long, if exercise is not a normal part of your day, then this is for you! We’ll start with chair yoga, very gentle and approachable yoga you can do from right there in your chair just to get things moving, and to start to develop the feeling of breathing deeply while you move. At the end of the 14 days, you will feel stronger and calmer with a deeper connection to your core strength, and you’ll have the tools to open your hips, shoulders and hamstrings. We bet you’ll be ready to get out of the chair and on your feet!
















Fit Beginners New to Yoga

Perfect if you are generally fit, exercise is part of your regular routine, but yoga is new to you!















Intermediate Friends:

Plenty of energizing flow here with opportunities to turn the heat and the energy up or down on any given day. Building blocks for arm balances and inversions you might not be doing yet, and plenty to work on if you’re already comfortable playing on your hands, head and forearms, too. Great stress relief, and some fun accountability included.
















Advanced Peeps:

We could talk for a long time about what advanced yoga is! It certainly includes the way you’re moving through your life, your ability to listen deeply, to be accountable for the energy you’re spreading, and to think about how your actions and choices impact the world around you. It also includes thinking about whether you’re living in a way that feels good to you. In the classes curated below, you will find lots of time flowing, breathing deeply, and playing with more advanced poses while you strengthen physically and mentally!
















Clean Eating

When you join the challenge and meet us on the Practice Page, you will find a Meal Plan Overview, or I can email this to you. We’ll talk about the how, why, what and when of clean eating so you’ll have a solid foundation you can apply to whatever diet you follow, whether you’re a gluten-free vegetarian, or you eat everything!

To get ready for the challenge, join us on the Yogis Anonymous Practice Page on Facebook !    You will meet subscribers from all over the globe, and can partake in free guided meditations, dharma/motivational talks, breathing techniques and exercises to combat anxiety, depression and insomnia. When the challenge begins on July 1st,  this is where we will lovingly help you stay accountable by posting about the classes you’re doing each day, rooting you on, supporting your clean eating efforts and answering any questions as they arise! We guarantee it will be fun 🙂 If you would rather participate without being on Facebook, I can email you everything you need! Just reach out to me at ally@yogisanonymous.com

On the 14th day you can go to your My Account page which you will find in the header along the top of the site when you’re logged in and hit Cancel if you decide not to stay. It’s that easy, we promise! If you decide to stay, you will continue to have full access to over 8,000 classes in our library along with the new classes we film every week for $15/month, or you could decide to do an annual pass for $150. It’s a tiny investment in your mental, emotional and physical well-being, and we will always be there to support you!

We’re so happy you’re joining us for this challenge that begins July 1st, we can’t wait for you to see how great you’re going to feel 🙂

Lots of love,

Ally Hamilton Hewitt and the whole Yogis Anonymous Team! We’re so excited to meet you!

***Please do not activate your free trial before July 1st if you want to join for the challenge, but please join us on the Practice Page today!